Unique Louis Vuitton Acapulco in Monogram Stars

April 8, 2011
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Louis Vuitton Acapulco – Monogram StarsWay back this January, there had been previewed two colorways of Louis Vuitton Acapulco that is coming up. This time the Monogram Stars style would be dishing off the luxurious Louis Vuitton brand. This sneaker had been little unexpected from French luxury brand Louis Vuitton because it looked rugged and simple and the brand had never been known with that characteristics. Certainly, the Acapulco Monogram Stars sneaker would stick out to the crowd.

This Louis Vuitton Acapulco in Monogram Stars form would be in simple black, white or brown tones and is plastered with iconic monogram pattern. The stars pattern all over the upper made this shoe more interesting to the others. In addition, a boldly printed with stars patterns on wild colored panels of blue, light blue, yellow, and black, the concept invokes a hint of street creed while not completely distance itself from its luxury roots.

This isn’t done for Louis Vuitton, because it would continue to mesmerize their fans.