The Truth Nike Dunks High Sneakers

April 10, 2009
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The Truth Nike Dunks

YoaKustoms was asked by a Boston Celtics fan to customize some Dunks in honor of Paul Pierce. The result is the The Truth Nike Dunks which feature a detailed image of Pierce holding up his jersey after a great play. I found The Truth Dunks at the YoaKustoms blog linked here.

The exteriors of the left and right shoes are mirror images of Paul Pierce celebrating by putting his thumbs under his jersey. Pierce’s images are framed by green Nike swooshes and collars to match the team colors. YoaKustoms finished off the Celtics theme on the exteriors by painting white three-leaf clovers on the toes.

YoaKustoms painted “The Truth” in green block letters near the heels on the interior sides of both shoes. The lettering stands out from the white background with the help of two thick lines above “Truth.” While the Boston Celtics have flagged a bit at the end of the regular season, Pierce will live up to this nickname once the NBA Playoffs begin. The Truth Nike Dunks will help this Celtics fan enjoy the playoffs in style.


3 Responses to “The Truth Nike Dunks High Sneakers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I absolute LOVE these shoes!! Where can I get them?

  2. ashleigh says:

    where can I get thesee!!??

  3. iloveyou says:

    OMG i wiill do ANYTHING to get these shoesss! where are the sold???