An Eye Catching Dunk Low for Women by Nike

October 11, 2008
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Nike Women’s Dunk Low

Nike has been releasing new sneakers for men. But now they have created something for women. Nike designed and styled this shoe to fit what every woman requires. They reinvented their Dunk Low and called it Women’s Dunk Low.

The Women’s Dunk Low is composed of striking colors such as gray, black, lime green and berry. The toe area is made of white perforated leather accented with berry colored shoelaces. The heel area is made of smooth black leather with a mixture of fabric in the middle area. The upper includes a shiny Nike swoosh made of leather. This shoe also features its lime green midsole just above the berry outsole. The colors that were used in this shoe are very striking individually but create a special look when combined. The combination of the colors gives this shoe a very feminine look.

This Nike Women’s Dunk Low is now available in some retailers.


2 Responses to “An Eye Catching Dunk Low for Women by Nike”

  1. jordan says:

    where do i buy these at? i know they’re girl shoes but i want them pretty bad!!!!
    let me know!

    or aim me

  2. smile says: